Sometimes late at night while I’m watching television in bed, things get percolating in my brain and become inconveniently irrepressible. Being the lazy creature that I am, most times I won’t rise to retrieve my laptop, but will take a pen to whatever is lying on the floor next to the bed, whether it’s a napkin, bookmark, or random scrap of paper.

In this case, appropriately, it was the back inside cover of an  issue of Writer’s Digest Magazine;  and I used every bit of white space that I could find on the page to expel my thoughts.

And although this now illegible page is entitled, “Write Great Fiction”, what I ultimately pulled from all my chicken scratch was not fiction at all, but a poem for a friend who had just lost her husband.

One small part of that is a simple but heartfelt sentiment that I’m rather fond of:

“A brilliant star was plucked from the night,

but Heaven got brighter, can that be right?

I think of you and I understand why;

you’re making God smile and it lights up the sky!”

When something needs to be expressed, anything can become a canvas; and whatever the creative endeavor, the important thing is to find your own canvas and your own way to paint it.

Of course this bit of scribbled mess was eventually transferred to my laptop where it was worked and reworked; but it started here, with a heart full of emotions, a slothful disposition, and the old fashioned notion of taking pen to paper.

Imagine that.

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18 thoughts on “WRITING NOTES

  1. Thanks Julia,
    Reading this has started me into a joyful new day with a smile.

  2. Elaine Rance

    This is beautiful Julia, it brought a tear to my eye. Beautiful words, brings feeling & emotion, luv your pages, you are so talented. Luv you forever. Xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. beverlypeterson

    Julia, thank you for this poem….. it touches the heart..

  4. This was a very nice way to start the day. Thank you, Julia!

  5. Thank YOU for reading, Patti! Baxter was just singing your praises! You’re the best! xoxoxo

  6. Lynn Marchant

    That very first, pristine THOUGHT … given birth to by THE inimitable human thought-and-word-processor, we all call Julia Kovach … that’s the one, which just made me shiver! And then connect, with what I call: HIGHER PLANES. I have read the poetry of the World’s Best. I have read of those touched by Angels. I even had oddest accident and became psychically aware. Still, I NEVER knew of Anyone, Any Place – who could channel the Spiritual directly to Earth and to Lesser Mortals – like Julia Kovach! There is no doubt about it. Her ‘pen’ is BLESSED.

  7. Joanie Woody Foote

    Beautiful, Jules, thanks you!

  8. Thank you for reading, Joanie, and for taking the time to leave a thoughtful note. You’re a true friend and always such a wonderful support. xoxo

  9. chiarahatch

    Beautiful writing.Very inspiring for me right now . Your words touch my soul every time.Thank you for sharing my beautiful friend ! .xoxo༺♥༻

  10. Thank you so much, Chiara! You say the sweetest things! Thank you so much for reading! xoxoxo

  11. Mary Wloch

    Soul candy!

  12. Thank you, Mary! xoxo

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