My treadmill, a Horizon T-91, wasn’t a dust-collector, a newspaper rack, or even a clothesline. Nope. It was a quiet and complete machine that I actually used on a pretty regular basis. Although I was worried about removing this efficient source of exercise from my home, I did. I sold the treadmill and bought a puppy; a wonderful new addition to my family that has nothing to do with fitness.

Or so I thought.

Meet THE BAXTER 218.

A seriously intense powerhouse of a workout machine disguised as an adorable little puppy who will melt your heart. Yeah, he reeled me in too, with that precious innocent little mug.

But don’t be fooled.

He is a fitness and exercise phenomenon who will tilt his sweet tiny head, smile at you, and then kick your butt right into next week.

There are some unpredictable differences between my treadmill and THE BAXTER 218, (born  2/18/12). I don’t run ON this machine, I run FROM it, I run TO it, and I run AFTER it. Yes, it does keep me running. Constantly. It comes equipped with some standard features too, such as incline and speed controls. But unlike my treadmill, it easily transforms into a stair master and has built-in ankle weights that provide both leg and butt lifts simultaneously.


This compact unit requires no electricity and has an automatic recharging system.

THE BAXTER 218 accommodates close living quarters and provides for convenient storage almost anywhere. It slides beneath a bed . . . or even under a coffee table. Unlike a treadmill, occasionally you may have to actually go and look for the unit.


This little machine does have a few quirks, however, so I’m contacting the manufacturer for some troubleshooting tips.

It has an alarm system that sets a workout schedule FOR you. It will squeak when your workout should begin; but if you ignore its recommendation for exercise? Let me just warn you, alarms will sound that will make your ears bleed! It also has “startup randomness” issues that are throwing me off balance. It powers-up, accelerates for short bursts, and then suddenly stops for no apparent reason. And lastly, it frequently malfunctions and begins leaking . . . something.

My treadmill did a lot of positive things for me: It helped me reach my weight loss goals, energized me, provided an efficient workout, and even gave me confidence. It truly transformed my body.

But it didn’t transform my life.

It never made me laugh or cuddled with me in bed. And it never licked the sweat off my face after a workout.

THE BAXTER 218. It’s a hardcore little unit that is for serious users only. It’s good for your body and GREAT for your heart.

Buy one today at a retailer near you.

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42 thoughts on “MORE THAN A PUPPY

  1. The best looking alternative to a treadmill….Enjoy the little bundle of energy who is just precious!!!

  2. Elaine Rance

    Hello Julia my dear friend, this is absolutely lovely, I enjoyed reading this so much, I was smiling all of the way through its great and your dog is so cute and adorable, bless him.
    I would love another pup, he is a Pomeranian breed ain’t he, just adorable. Luv & hugs. Xxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Yes, Elaine, he is a Pomeranian with A LOT of energy! ha ha! Thanks so much for reading! I was wondering if anyone enjoyed the story. I’m so glad you did! Thanks for taking the time to leave such a nice note! Love to all of you! xoxo

  3. Betsy Aiello

    The Baxter sounds like an efficient, smooth running little machine. I chose another model–the Jack10612. Very similar, but a sleeker, longer look. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine!! 🙂

    • OMGosh, you are SO funny! Thank you so much for reading and making me smile this morning! I love the thought of your Jack10612! ha ha ha! I will enjoy! Thanks again! xoxo

  4. I would love to have one like this! The Cooper 414 and the two children models I have would love it. I think the Husband 1188 would short circuit. 😉

  5. Too adorable!!! Would win anyone’s heart.

  6. Vince

    That put a smile on my face.

  7. Mary Wloch

    AWWWWW, I want one!

  8. Theresa

    Adorable story

  9. beverlypeterson

    Life gets better and better with a puppy. Baxter is so cute!

    • You are SO correct, Bev! It’s amazing how fast life can turn around. Thanks so much for reading and sharing your thoughts! Love to you and Nat! xoxo

  10. Joanie Woody Foote

    How delightful! I’m so glad that you have a furskinned family member!!!!!! Well done, Julia! XO

  11. Very creative piece of “puppy-love”! Webster left this afternoon however he wasn’t very excited to do so! In just 5 days he controled my bed & recliner not to mention my hours of sleep! He had ME on HIS schedule and yet I only had to throw one pillow at him! I suppose I may entertain another dog in my life after I get the two-legged 20 year-old out of his nesting place! Bravo!!!

    • Thank you, Steven! It sounds like Webster gave you a crash course in puppy life! ha ha! Glad you survived it all okay! lol Thanks for reading and for sharing your experience with Webster with the rest of us! xo

  12. he’s sooooooooooooooooo adorable!!!!!

    • Thanks, Arlynn! He’s quite the character these days! And, although I have some training ahead of me….Baxter promises to go easy on me! ha ha! Take care, my friend, and thank you for reading! xoxo

  13. debbk78

    oh Julia you are so creative. I loved how you wrote this! It made me smile through the whole thing!!!

  14. John Turner

    Julie…Julie…Julie…..your writing skills and story telling ability continue to prove their worth for a much larger audience….I could easily envision a national following. I smile broader with each piece. Lest you ever doubt it, you’ve “got it” for sure. xoxo

    • Thank you so much, John. I hold your words close to my heart…I so value your opinion as a fellow writer. As you’ve guessed, I do doubt myself sometimes, and it’s funny, because this is one of those pieces where I thought that maybe I approached it too simply, or silly. So your opinion is well timed and greatly appreciated! Thanks again for reading and taking the time to drop me a thoughtful message. xoxo

  15. Elaine Irey

    That was so entertaining and yes The Baxter is so much cuter than the treadmill.

    • Thank you so much, Elaine! ha ha! He is a little cutie, isn’t he? “But don’t let that face fool you!” ha ha! Thanks for reading, girlfriend! xoxo

  16. Just a bundle of pure love and friendship that Baxter is! Beautifully written…THANK THE LORD ABOVE FOR THE CANINE SPECIES….

  17. I agree completely, Patricia! Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to leave your sweet message! Hope to see you soon! xoxo

  18. susan olis

    Baxter sounds like such a treasure. I loved your blog. I have 5 versions of this same product in various shapes and sizes. Keeps me moving and laughing.

  19. Thank you so much, Susan! You have FIVE VERSIONS? OMGosh! ha ha! I’m SO tired with ONE! ha ha ha! Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to make me smile with your lovely comment! xoxo

  20. Desiree Mate

    Lol i love it

    • I just received this comment from you, Des. My computer through it into the spam file for some reason. Anyways, thanks for reading! Glad you liked it! xoxo

  21. kimberly corsi

    Julia, I really enjoyed reading…very funny and entertaining.

    • Thanks so much, Kim! Thanks for all of your great doggie advice! As I write this, Baxter is running through the living room with his weewee pad in his mouth…it’s flapping in the wind like some kind of a kite! He always looks so joyful when he does that! ha ha! It was great talking with you tonight. I promise to keep in touch better. Thanks, girlfriend. xo Julia

  22. Brittany

    Hey i just seen the pic when i was looking around and i found his pic, so i had to click on it becuz he is so cute then i had to read it. but i just want to say he looks just like my baby her name is coco

    • I’m so glad you ran into us, Brittany! If you check me out on facebook, you could post a pic or two of Coco! I’ll bet she’s adorable! Baxter is much bigger now…something like 8 lbs! (A big boy! lol). Thanks for leaving me a note and hope to talk to you again! Take care! xoxo Julia

  23. Brittany

    Yea shes bigger she will be one Sept.27 and i dont have a facebook anymore. but i have a email and if u want i could send a pic of her on there. yes she is adorable she is my baby she is my everything. but dont let her looks fool you she can be a hand fool, but i dont know what i would do with out her. thank you for getting back to me so fast.

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