I put the top down on my convertible and start up the car. The air is warm and mild and it smells sweet. It is so quiet that I can hear my tires on the road as I pull away. It is a rare and perfect early summer morning.

I drive slowly from the Grosse Ile Yacht Club while still basking in the afterglow of a successful event and a wonderful night of laughter and silliness with friends. My 35th high school class reunion has just ended.

I leave the radio off, drive in the silence of a 2:00 a.m. morning, and get lost in fun recollections of the evening.

My first thought is of me tending the table at the entrance to our party. I remembered NO ONE! I recall how I began the evening with, “I’m sorry, I don’t remember too many of our classmates; what’s your name, please?” and ended up with, “Who are you?!”

Patti, a kind classmate, recalled me asking her to join the committee and then promptly proclaiming my exasperation at my own involvement and saying, “But I don’t even like people!” She told me tonight, after several drinks, how that had scared her a little. But she joined me anyway. And she was vital to the resulting wonderful evening. I call her brave. And gracious.

One of our committee members wore a striking ensemble that inspired the evening’s most memorable quote which involved a wedge of watermelon and was thusly dubbed, “the watermelon lady!” A title I suspect that she will wear for a very long time. I remember telling her to act like a rind. She laughed and did something funny with her arms. (I will post something like this on her Facebook wall later).

And our poor DJ. I kept calling him Tim, although his name was Paul. Thing is, I hired him. He smiled a lot when he saw me coming.

And my somewhat reserved friend, the “closet” dancer. She was quite the flexible little creature out there dancing tonight. She moved so quickly that I was only able to get one pic of her. I muse now in understanding of her intense addiction to, “So You Think You Can Dance?”. . . And another piece of the puzzle falls into place.

I remember how we all laughed at our graduation pictures that were on our nametags. I never knew the handsome guy I talked to at our pre-party the night before until I saw his nametag tonight. “Oh, THAT’S who you are!” I screamed in recognition.

I think about the infamous “rock” that adorns our school’s entrance and how every year a proud class will declare themselves by painting it with their graduation year. Ours was 1977.

Couple that with the mustache and beard that I drew on my nametag and titled, “Menopause”, and I have just one word of explanation:

Regression. I guess I’m being the bad girl I never was in school. A real rebel, ‘eh? Ha ha. Funny thing is, no one seemed to notice. Sheesh.

A little crazier was the girl I didn’t know who freaked me out by trying to suck on my neck, and the fact that I posed for a picture on a handsome man’s lap, stuck my finger in his ear, and now cannot for the life of me, remember his name. There is something inherently wrong with that. Oh gosh.

I pull myself from the night’s memories and back into the present moment and drive slowly down East River Road. It is a beautiful, quiet night and ever so still.

I round the infamous East River Road bend where the houses cease to be on the right side and there is only the river. I am acutely aware of the silence.

As I resign myself to the conclusion of a memorable evening, I see a shadowy figure up ahead near the water. I stop my car.

A single large, lovely, deer slowly walks across the road immediately in front of me. He turns his head and looks at me as he crosses. My camera is not handy, so I sit perfectly still and watch in awe. But it looks something like this.


Now that, my friends, is the perfect ending to a great night; and one that I did not anticipate . . . another precious moment to remember.

Grosse Ile, Michigan, it will always be my home.

Gosh, I love this place.

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27 thoughts on “CLASS REUNION

  1. Lynn Gardner

    Julia, you recapped that night beautifully, funny how all the stereotypes in school just vanish and we all just mesh and realize that we are more alike than different. Thank you for helping organize this, it was such an enjoyable evening!

    • Thanks, Lynn, your attendance helped to make it a smashing success! And thanks so much for spending A HUNDRED HOURS yesterday tagging all those pics I took! You’re the best! xoxo Julia

  2. Betsy Aiello

    Both of you ladies verbalize what we all probably fee. Glad you had a great time—job well done!!

  3. i was wondering how the reunion was going to go and it sounds like it was a great success! and just think–you were the one responsible for it! much love to you and funny how you make me wish i had gone to my high school reunion! xxoo

    • Thank you, Arlynn, but I didn’t do this alone by any means! Had some great help and it was a real team effort! Thanks for reading! Maybe you’ll attend your next high school reunion, ‘eh? Best of luck to you, girlfriend! xoxo Julia

  4. i love this post! and i love the fact that your reunion weekend went so well! much love to you!

  5. I love it! So well written, I felt like I was on this magical journey with you.

  6. Lori Hall

    Sounds like it was a . grand success. So pleased for all of the Class of 1977 I did view the pictures, Very nice. It’s not often enough that we get togather with class Buds. but when we do It has a way of stiring up some pretty good memories. And yes a silent slow drive home caught up in the moments of the evening, was a perfect topper for the night. Well Done.

    • Lori, thank you so much! Gosh, I love your comments! It was a wonderful night and I think that everyone had a great time! I sure hope so! I can see from your note that you understand about the slow quiet drive at the end of the night…….Thanks again for reading. xoxo Julia

  7. Sounds like a great even Julia–whether you remembered or even liked your classmats. Guess I did get the email about this post. I don’t know why I somehow over-looked it. Glad to know the event was a success. Hope you get your blipfoto widget situation resolved, as well.

  8. Love it Julia! I am so happy to hear that a great time was had by all. I feel the same have as you about my reunion. “Grosse Ile, Michigan, will always be my home.” ❤

  9. I can’t always remember names either Julia, so don’t concern yourself over that. Plus we all change with the passing of seasons. You are such a good writer and I’m sure sharing your experiences is beneficial to those who read your blog.
    Nearly 2 weeks ago, I was at the Avalon Bakery which is in a little pocket of a cool neighborhood in miidtown Detroit, and I was ordering something when the woman in front of me turned around and said “OMG Denise! I heard you speak and knew it was you.” As it turns out it was Karen Vest, she and I went to Coffee Jr. High, and Cass Tech H.S. and were both in the same curriculum of Performing Arts (with my minor of advanced Lit).
    She is successful in dance, theater, directing, and I am successful in Music, Art, and Lit.
    Well, I got some great hugs and she introduced me to a colleague and friend having cappuccino with her.
    Every so often she and I re-connect like this-it’s amazing synchronicity in the Universe. (I still can’t recall her friend’s name lol).
    Denise xoxo

    • You want to know something truly remarkable, Denise? I went to high school with the owner of Avalon Bakery! Ha ha ha! I’ve yet to make it down there to see her! I really need to! I know it would make for a wonderful blog! Thanks for reading and taking the time to leave your wonderful note! xoxo Julia

      • I know there are 2 owners of the Avalon-Jackie is one, can’t recall her partner’s name (LOL). Was there yesterday after a couple of medical appointments at the DMC and bought my Guatemalan Coffee I like. There are several places in that neighborhood that are cool.
        Your welcome for my note! xoxo Denise

      • I went to school with Ann Perault. I would love to go visit there sometime! Sounds like an interesting place, people, and it would make a great blog! Take care, my friend! And thanks for the note! xoxo Julia

      • Julia,
        Why don’t we meet there for java sometime…you would love the Spiral Collective also. Yesterday I treated myself to a muffin sized Quiche at the Avalon and wow it was delicious! There’s a health food store, a Hair Salon around the corner I go to called “Curl Up and Dye” lol too. xoxo Denise

  10. Sally Phelps

    Such great efforts, to make lasting memories.

  11. kimberly corsi

    Julia, I had a great time both Friday at Sharkeys and at the class reunion…job well done!!!

    • Thanks, Kim, I had a lot of help! And everyone who attended made it the success that it was! Thanks so much for being part of it! xoxo Julia

  12. I am glad your reunion was such a positive experience. Thanks for sharing it with us. You wrote about it beautifully.

  13. Thanks so much, Lori! xoxo Julia

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