You lie coiled in embryo sleep

below the blue painting of the fisherman;

the checkered blanket tousled on the floor.

This old house creaks in reply to the quiet wind.

A car passes

and the glow of the streetlamp

dances through the shutters in hysterical patterns.

I lie engulfed by emptiness.

Moving silently, disentangling myself from you,

I grope in the dark for cigarettes.

Across the room I sit observing you.

Otherwise, there is no change;

not in the way you lay curled up . . .

not in the sounds that never come from you . . .

not in the discontent I feel.

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23 thoughts on “ALONE

  1. this is beautiful and i wonder what inspired this!

    • Thank you, Arlynn. The inspiration was born in the emptiness of the moment. I remember the first time I felt completely alone even though there was someone by my side. It’s a raw, naked, undeniable thing. It’s funny how a lack of something, an emptiness, can take up so much room. Take care, my friend. Thank you for stopping in and leaving a note. And please, be well. xoxo Julia

  2. Oh, Julia, I know this place. I lived there for a long time, and probably the core of me still forrays into that space from time to time. A difficult place to be–the emptiness inside and out. I love this poem, my friend, but I’m sorry this is your reality at the moment. Stay strong. Stay vulnerble–each in turn, I suppose. Big hugs to you, my dear!

    • Thank you, Kathryn. Wise words, my friend. Staying strong and vulnerable is a delicate balance, but I’ve been doing it a loooong time. lol You’re a peach. Thanks for your kind words. Love to you and Sara. xoxo Julia

  3. Vince

    I think we all been there in some degree, form or fashion. Nicely put.

    • Thank you, Vince, for reading and for leaving your kind thoughts. I’m glad you liked it. Take good care. And thank your sweetie for me, for the nice card that I rec’d in yesterday’s mail. It was really thoughtful and a nice surprise. xoxo Julia

  4. I too can relate to what you express here Julia! There is no worldly comfort for it either…you just have feel through it!

    • Saymber, you are so right. There is no supressing or denying it. Feel it, mindfully, and get through it. My most sincere thanks to you for taking the time to read and leave your wise words. xoxo Julia

  5. I’ve been there…thank you for putting it into words. It’s hard to explain how feeling so empty can fill you up so much. :-*

  6. “the mist rises”

    the mist rises

    from the fog

    and hangs there



    between us

    • Love this, Denise. Thank you so much for posting it here for me and others to enjoy. You DO understand my feelings! Thanks for reading and sharing! xo Julia

  7. This poem I wrote a few years ago reminded me of yours, which is excellent by the way. You paint pictures with your words.
    xoxo Denise

    • I like your poem a lot, Denise. And I see why mine reminded me of it. You also do some pretty nice painting there, girl. lol Thanks so much! And please, girl, take good care. xoxo Julia

  8. A powerful write – I have become a fan of your writing and wish we lived closer, to help fill that sometimes-emptiness we feel (it’s part of being a writer, hon) xox

    • Thank you, Heather. I hold your words close to my heart knowing you understand. I will surprise you one day and come visit at one of your book signings with our wonderful mutual friend, Larry Leitner! Of course he doesn’t know that yet….ha ha. But he will soon. Take good care and thank you for the gift of your words. xoxo

  9. David

    This is such a wonderful poem! The picture at the end, I feel, captured its essence the best. Such a great way to end it. You are talented!

    • Thanks, David. The pic at the end is the only one that I actually snapped myself, so thanks. And thanks also for reading and sharing your thoughts. I appreciate it. I just read your blog and really enjoyed it. Nice writing, mister. lol Also nice to meet you. Take care. xo Julia

      • David

        Haha nice to meet you too. I will definitely be back to read more!

    • Thanks, David, for reading and sharing your thoughts. I appreciate it. I just read your blog and really enjoyed it. Nice writing, mister. lol Also nice to meet you. Take care. xo Julia

  10. Lovely in its gripping melancholy. Great write!

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