I want to talk about BREAST CANCER.

I’m not going to blog a bunch of cancer statistics and information on research and treatment. Nope. You should know the important stuff and if you don’t, Google it.

What I will do is share my opinion.

And my opinion about breast cancer is this: LISTEN TO YOUR FLIGHT ATTENDANT!

Let me explain.

The key to surviving breast cancer is early detection and treatment. So we women have to do two things: Do breast self-examinations every month, and get a mammogram every year. Pretty simple, right?


Last year, I casually blew-off my mammogram; I just didn’t worry about it. I’m sure I was busy doing something important.

This year is different. I am motivated by the incredibly strong women in my life who have lost so much:   her mom . . . her breasts . . . precious time.

Yesterday, I stopped being stupid and scheduled an appointment.

Today, I drive 15 minutes to the clinic and learn that I have not had a mammogram since 2006. Sheesh.

I lost two of my siblings that year, so I guess I’ve been in a time warp or something. Here I thought I missed one exam, when I have actually missed five. Things happened. I got busy. I got lost. I guess I got diverted.

My mammogram takes all of 15 minutes, involves a little discomfort, and 20 minutes later I am home again.

It is that easy.

So now, I want to know: Have you had your mammogram this year? Why not? It’s already October! What are you waiting for?

I know what you’re thinking, “I’ve been meaning to, I’m just so busy.”

And I get that. I know that you are crazy busy all the time. You have a job. You take care of the house. And the kids. And your partner. Even the dog counts on you. You take care of everything. Every single day. You think you’ll get around to taking care of you, but then . . . you don’t.

Now, think about the last time you were on an airplane. Do you remember when the flight attendant reviewed the emergency and safety procedures? What did she say about your oxygen mask?

She said, “In an emergency, you are to place your oxygen mask on yourself first, and then place one on your child.”

In short, you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else. It’s that simple.

So just do it. Right now. Make your appointment. Don’t let another day turn into another month. It is too important. You are too important.

This life of ours is a wonderful journey. And we love you and want you here for the entire beautiful flight. So ladies, please, stop with your excuses and put on your damn mask.

Thank you.

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  1. Thank you writing this well written, & timely piece!
    I love it…and you!

  2. Julia! This is awesome! Great advice. And while we are at it, get your pap smear, your teeth cleaned, and for those of us over 50, a colonoscopy.

  3. Loved this piece, Julia, and I needed the reminder, cause–the answer is no! Yikes!

    • Please let me know after you do, Kathryn! And because I adore you so, I will nag you until then! And don’t let Miss Sara think she’s being ignored….I’ll bug BOTH of you!) lol Also, I thought of you and made a change….(from spouse…to partner….go Team Kathryn & Sara!) Thanks for reading, my dear friend. Love you!xoxoJulia

  4. Lynn Gardner

    Your analogy was perfect! If you don’t have your health nothing else matters, thanks Julia for reminding us! I have only missed one since turning thirty and even had a scare in my early twenties. The relief of getting a mamogram and finding out your o.k. far out ways the little bit of time and discomfort.

    • Very true, Lynn, and very smart of you. Also, truly wise words.Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts. xoxoJulia

  5. Thank you for the reminder to all to get this done. Yes I had mine done. My mom had breast cancer that was discovered on mammogram so it is a very important test. And everything Kimberly said is just as improtant. Us girls must stick together and keep each other reminded on how important each one of us is!

    • Julia Kovach

      You are so right, Deb! We women absolutely must stick together and look out for each other! Thank you so much for reading and sharing your experiences. It means a lot to all of us. xoxoJulia

  6. Sally Phelps

    I went into a mobile mammogram office. Lol.
    Quicker than the other way.

  7. Awesome reminder. Thank you!

    • Thanks for reading, Pink! Take good care of yourself! xoxoJulia

      • Pink Ninjabi

        Yes, I’ll do that! And my boobies too! I’ve been trying to figure out how to do a breast exam in the shower properly. Do you recommend any links? It freaks me out as I’ve had cysts before but nothing to worry about.. Eesh…

      • Pink, I’ve had cysts before too. They had to be aspirated, but everything was fine. I don’t self-exam in the shower – ever. I lay flat in bed to do them. You can google “breast exam” or something similar and I’m sure you’ll find the info you need. Or post something and ask your girlfriends…..or, of course, your doctor. It’s difficult to tell if there are any new “lumps” when you have cystic breasts, but you can feel if there are any changes, growth, or pain. Anyways, take care of yourself and go google what you want to know! Glad you are taking care of yourself. The world needs your lovely voice. Take care. xoxoJulia

  8. Jane Ingham

    So important – 17 years down the line I have survived to see my children grow into wonderful adults and to get to meet my 3 beautiful grandsons? If I hadn’t checked that lump out I would have missed that!

    • Julia Kovach

      Thank goodness you checked out that lump, Jane! And congratulations on fighting the good fight, woman! We are so happy that you are still part of this beautiful life and with us all on this journey. You are too important. And the world shines brighter with you in it! Thank you so much for reading and sharing your experiences with us! xoxoJulia

  9. Hi Julia. Thanks for stopping by my site and for your kind words. It gave me the chance to discover your site and I wanted to thank you for this post — and the wise advice. My mother is a breast cancer survivor (about ten years now) — and she was always right on top of self-exams and mammograms. Nevertheless, she was still diagnosed with stage 3B. She fought and won — but it was a battle, and I cannot agree more with your encouraging all women (and men, as well) to be active participants in their health. And don’t be afraid to ask questions — the degree after your doctor’s name should not intimidate anyone into silence. Be well!

    • Kevin, thank you so much for your wonderful note. You really made my day today with your words of encouragement. I’m so happy that your mom fought the good fight and won her battle against breast cancer! You are a reflection of the extraordinary woman and mother she most certainly must be! And you are absolutely correct about being a proactive patient. Thanks again! xoxoJulia

  10. So well-written Julia – thank you because we all know Everybody Loves Boobies!

    • Thanks, Heather! I keep track of your adventures, your poetry, writing engagements, and your little muse, and always feel inspired and amazed by you. Congrats on your many successes! xoJulia

  11. great post! I just got through an ordeal after my mammogram. I got that dreaded call that they needed more diagnostic testing. Scared me to death. I went and had the other mammogram and an ultrsound. I saw the mass in the ultrsound. I thought, well this is it! But it ended up just being a cyst 😉

    • Oh gosh! I’ve had that experience too! Boy, can that wait between the two appointments ever change your life, ‘eh? I’m so happy that your mass was a cyst and not something more. Mine was aspirated, more than once. But gosh, I was so relieved. Thank you with all my heart for reading and taking the time to share your very personal experience with me. Love and blessings to you. xoJulia

  12. I am so sorry about your siblings, but I am glad you finally got those boobies checked. I trust everything went okay with that?

    • Thank you, Amberr. And, YES! My boobies are fine and healthy as ever! Yay! Yay! lol I will never let so much time pass again….Have you had your mammogram this year, Amberr?

  13. Amberr, I’m sorry, I forgot about the age thing. Take good care, precious lady! Talk to you soon! xoxoJulia

  14. Larry Leitner

    O have said to friend before, You need to take care of yourself first. Otherwise, you wont be worth a damn to those that you want to take care of. A friend of mine just had a bit of a scare. She had found a lump a few months ago and blew it off, She decided to wait until her already scheduled appointment in October. The doc checked her out and given her family history of cancer want to remove the lump right away. It was larger that they expected but they got it out OK. Then she had to wait from this past Thursday until Monday for the results. It turned out to be a ruptured Cyst. But the main thing was it was Benign. Take care of your selves ladies!

    • Thanks so much for the note, Larr, my dear friend! Thank goodness your friend is all right. The wait between Thursday and Monday can change your life and the way you view it. Thanks for sharing her story with us. Take good care of precious you and I’ll talk to you soon! xoxoJulia

  15. So well written. I will call for my appointment!

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