(I don’t care much for Halloween. But in the spirit of going with the flow and learning to laugh at life, I decided to try to make the best of it this year. All of the pics in this blog were taken while out driving yesterday with Patti Petroline; dear friend, great adventurer, and carver of pumpkins).


We’ll have a full moon the TV said 

but I stayed home cuz I was dead

I watched a movie called Pumpkin Head

and then I ate and went to bed.


My B.L.T. caused crazy dreams

and transported me it seems

to scary skies with sugar beams

I’m just not sure what it all means.


I saw a tree


a goat


a sign


Was this all caused by how I dined?

And then a barn


my dog


a friend of mine?


Whew! It all ended just in time.

Thankfully, I did awake . . . or did I make a bad mistake?

My body hurts and my head sure aches. Oh, my gosh . . . for goodness sakes!


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28 thoughts on “A HALLOWEEN DREAM

  1. So glad I could be part of “the dream”.
    Good one, my little pepita!!!

  2. Sally Phelps

    Cute 🙂

  3. Lynn Gardner

    Only you, Julia! Lol….XOXO

    • Thanks for reading, Lynn! Even my silliest stuff! lol xoxoJulia

      • patricia izzo

        just wonderful… thank you for letting me DREAM a Alloween dream with you!!!
        loved this.. and i happen to adore Halloween.. i am close to calling it my all time favorite holiday… i think it is!! so Happy Halloween to you and may the souls play playfully all around you on All Hallows Eve!

  4. Thanks, Patty, for taking the time to read this……I know that you’re creatively swamped right now, so I appreciate your kind words. Take good care! xoJulia

  5. Angella Pizzo

    very cute…especially like the pics…pumpkin head!!! XOXO

  6. Glad you had fun. You deserved to get out and have fun. I like this post very much, including the poem and photos 🙂 thank you for putting a smile on my face 😉

    • Oh gosh, thanks. Silly stuff. I almost didn’t post it, but then figured, “Oh, what the heck….be a little silly!” lol Thanks for the great note. You’ve made me smile this morning! xoxoJulia

  7. I love this one, Julia. Can’t say I’ve had a dream quite like that one. Isn’t the photo of the dog in the pumpkin funny?

    • Hi Kathryn, that’s my boy, “Baxter, the Pomperanian”. Check him out sometime on utube…he’s got 4 or 5 videos! Ha ha! Thanks for reading, and take good care! Love to you and Sara! xoxoJulia

  8. This is wonderful, Julia! The photos, editing, the poem, all of it.

    • Oh, thanks so much! It’s wonderful to know that you appreciate my goofiness! ha ha! You’re a peach! Thanks for reading and leaving me a note/gift! xoxoJulia

  9. HAHAH.. hilarious! Love it! Especially you’re cute dog! A Pomeranian? 😀


    • Yeah, Pink. That’s my “Baxter, The Pomeranian” – check him out on utube sometime. He’s got 4 or 5 videos! ha ha! Thanks for reading and leaving a note! Love to you! xoxoJulia

      • Awww.. love to you too!!! Thanks to you, I keep in touch with friends who really need that extra care… thank you…. 😀


  10. Tooo cute Julia lol. Loved the last picture! Glad your working on laugh therapy….that’s why I love standup comedy so much. I’m that person your embarrassed to sit next to at a live show…HAAAA HAAAA *snort……

    • Saymber, everyone always tells me that I should be the one up ON THE STAGE! lol But I’m much more easily humorous in person than on paper. I’m working on it though. Laugh therapy is the best therapy for sure! And so is good ‘ole fashioned friendship. Thanks for yours, girlfriend. And thanks for reading. Take good care of your precious self. xoxoJulia

      • 🙂 big hug back to you Julia! I think many stand up comics have our condition (I know Robin Williams does) and what better way to combat it than finding humor in it (as long as we aren’t using humor as a cover up right?!) So glad to have you as a kindred spirit and friend as well Julia! Have a lovely day!

  11. You’re right there, my friend. Thanks, Saymber! xoxoJulia

  12. That was great!!! Thanks for the laugh!

  13. The last picture is perfect!!!

    • Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to getting to know you through your words. What a lovely journey we’re on. Be well, my new friend. xoJulia

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