My greatest blessings are my friends. They are priceless.

They don’t walk on eggshells, and they aren’t saints who always understand exactly how I feel.

My friends are brave.

Although I may be cause for concern at times, they love me anyway.

They don’t give me exemptions; they give me allowances, just as I do for them.

I have found that the most secure people I know are also the ones who are the most patient and compassionate.

Maybe with the others, my unstable-ness scares their unstable-ness.


(This was edited out of my piece, “Being Bipolar” a few weeks ago; please read it, if you haven’t already. And feel free to share it or post it on Facebook. It contains some information that you or others may find useful).

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10 thoughts on “THIS BIPOLAR’S FRIENDS

  1. “Maybe with the others, my unstable-ness scares their unstable-ness.” Great way to say it Julia! 🙂

  2. Thank God for our friends! Love you, Julia.

  3. You got that right, Kathryn! Love you too. xoxoJulia

  4. My unstable-ness often scares my own unstable-ness. ha-ha! You are a great friend Julia. You are logical, funny, empathetic, kind, honest, and REAL! I never feel like I have to walk on eggshells around you. No matter how F’ed up my life is I know I can talk to you about it and instead of judging me you will laugh at it with me, say som
    ething witty and wise, and life will go on. I thank you for that.

    • Hi Ang! Wow! You’ve surprised me! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I cherish you and our friendship! xoxoJulia

      • I know. I’m not exactly a warm and fuzzy person all the time like a lot of people. I don’t fake gushy-ness and I don’t say things I don’t mean. I might have less friends because of that but I have more true friends, and I like it that way.

      • I like YOU that way! lol There aren’t many people that I can count on for that….so I cherish that about you! And you don’t have to be all warm and fuzzy all the time…..I think I’ve got that covered! ha ha! You know me… big fat over-sized over-thinking emotional ball! LOL! Thanks again, girlfriend. Hope to see you soon! xoxoJulia

  5. You may be onto something there, Julia! What a blessing true friends are.

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