Gosh, I was cute when I was young. We all were. Like goofy adorable little puppies.

Look at me in this pic. Quite the helmet head. Wow. Ha ha.

I look at this pic now, some thirty years later, and the first thing I notice is that I actually have eyebrows! And a firm jaw line with no crazy duo of jowly thingies, like I have now. And I have only one neck. Wow. I fogot that. But I do remember how self-conscious I used to be about my looks. Nothing ever seemed quite right or good enough.

It’s been the blink of an eye and here I am in my fifties. Now I’m sporting a 30-pound muffin top that I’m ready to name (Mary Francis) and start a Facebook page for, my eyebrows are merely wispy remnants, and my butt, which, back in the day, I didn’t want to be big, has now deflated like a birthday balloon two weeks after my birthday. Sheesh. It’s just cruel what time can do to an old gal’s body.

I’m working at improving myself though. On the inside, where there’s still hope. I’m trying to focus more on my inner beauty and worry less about my outer losses.

I look back . . . with some big fat regrets. Man, I wasted so much time just being all messed up. I spent a lifetime grieving for people and things that were gone. There were so many things I was going to do . . . and be.

We had it all. We were young.  But time just didn’t carry the same significance as it does now.

Tic tock. Tic tock.

That sound you hear is NOT your biological clock. That is your life clock! And time’s a flying!

But you know what? It’s all relative.

You know how we look back to when we were twenty or thirty and see cute little puppies?

Well, there will come a day in the not-that-far-away future, when we’re in our seventies or eighties and we will look back on THIS time and say, “Wow. Look how gorgeous we were! We still had all our own teeth and hair! We could still dance, and walk unassisted, and drive!”

Don’t you see? Our fifties have become our new thirties!

This is it, folks. This is prime time. So let’s kick it up a notch. There is no red Easy Button and there are no do-overs. Let’s laugh as much as we can and create great memories everyday, so that when we are actually REALLY OLD, we can look back and say, “Weren’t our fifties just the best years ever?”

It’s all relative.

Tic tock. Tic tock.

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38 thoughts on “IT’S ALL RELATIVE

  1. Julia – you are so right! These are the times of our lives. You are also right that when we were younger (20’s & 30’s) we were never happy with our looks, always on the perennial diet, changing our hair, makeup, clothing. The best part of being 50 is that I no longer care what others think. I try to be the best me I can be and I don’t care if anyone else likes me. Confidence is the gift of having lived for 50+ years and knowing that I have learned a great deal in this lifetime and I have a ton to offer. And, I am the happiest I have ever been.

    Now, all we have is time and let’s enjoy it! I’m trying to make up for not being the best friend, mother, daughter, etc., for the past four years while I pursued my law degree. Now, I have plenty of time and trying to make it up to everyone. So, let’s eat, drink and play cards!

    • Kim, you are so right too! lol Confidence is the gift of having lived 50+ years! I’m trying to lighten up and discover and embrace my silly-girl. And it’s so much fun! You say that you’re trying to make up for the time you lost while getting your law degree and I understand that. Although I would venture to guess that those you think you neglected probably understand and are very proud of you! You set an example for all of us. I’m still learning how to be the best friend that I can….and I’ve had wonderful teachers…all of you! So, I agree….let’s eat, drink, and play cards! Thanks so much for reading, Kim, and sharing your thoughts with all of us. xoxoJulia

  2. So true, my friend! I’m very thankful I get to share my fifties & beyond with you! Good friends have a way of making the tears & problems easier to handle. You would think since we have laughed till our sides ached, it would have widdled away at the muffins tops!!!
    I love you, girlfriend!

    • Ha ha ha! I love you too, girlie! You would think that laughing would burn away at the muffin top….if only! Hanging with you, I should weigh about 100 lbs! lol I am so happy that we’ve connected and I know that we’ll be friends well past our 50’s! We have many laughs and much happiness ahead to share. And we both know that through the tough times….we’ll never be alone. xoxoJulia

  3. Reblogged this on saymberblondi and commented:
    I like Julia’s take on getting older and reflecting on where she’s been and yet to go.

  4. This is awesome Julia – reblogged! 🙂

  5. Wonderful thoughts, Julia, you are so right on in your assessment of our younger days. Each decade of our life brings it’s own knowledge, lessons, enlightenment and blessings, we just have to be open and aware enough to receive it. What makes 50 plus so different is the WISDOM and freedom we have gained from it all! Thank you for your beautiful and truthful wisdom! xoxoxoxo Gina

    • Thank YOU, Gina, for your kind and very wise words. I’ve learned to laugh a lot more these days….especially at myself. What a gift that has been. So liberating. And I never seem to run out of things that are funny! Take good care, precious lady. xoxoJulia

  6. Lynn Gardner

    No truer words spoken, love how you express exactly what all of us fifty year olds are feeling. I now look at those old men with their black socks with shorts and women wearing those sensible shoes and understand……well, maybe that’s a little scary ,lol.

    • Ha ha ha! You’re so funny! It’s true, those sensible shoes are what I wear now! Yikes! The last time I put heels on, I thought I’d dislocated a hip or something! I don’t know about the old guys with their black socks….that might take me a few more years to ignore! LOL! Thanks for reading, Lynn, and leaving a great and very funny note! xoxoJulia

  7. A Table in the Sun

    I too, think that my fifties are the best time ever. I don’t give a crap what others think of me. I still have enough strength left to hike, go mountain biking, and care for a farm full of fun animals. I love my children but have lost the need to control. The burden of feeling guilty over my own and my family’s lost dreams seems so silly now. I’m just truly thankful for the good AND the bad. It has made me who I am. Each day is a gift.

  8. Michelle Gillies

    I like the way you think Julia. I look back at those pictures and often wonder, “whatever happened to that girl?”. It is hard to remember her. To be honest the year I turned 50 was one of the best years of my life. The ones since then have been a little … let’s say “less best” but I continue to work on it.

    • That funny, Michelle, because it’s the reverse for me. The year I turned fifty was awful. I spent my birthday with a real unpleasant guy and couldn’t go home because I’d had a few drinks. I also had to put my dog down days before my 50th birthday. Broke my heart a little more……But since then, I’ve come a long ways – with lots more road to cover and lots more learning to do! Thanks so much for reading my blog and sharing your wonderful insight with the rest of us! xoxoJulia

  9. That’s fantastic Julia! It is all relative and I thank God everyday for what I’ve still got. As the saying goes, “don’t be sad about the things you want and don’t have, be grateful for the things you don’t want and don’t have.” It is all a work in progress. Don’t get me wrong – of course I bemoan some things; like the days when I could eat a pint of ice cream without a second thought and people we have all lost. But life is still fascinating every day, and I wasn’t sure that would be the case all life long. So I am very glad to say that that IS true. But I do wish I could still run 3 miles………..or one…… sigh.

    • Ha ha! Yeah, Marie. Shoot, I can’t run to the corner and back (emphysema)! So I’m just grateful for days when I can walk more than a few miles without a hip joint starting to ache! lol Thanks so much for reading and leaving a note! Means a lot to me! xoJulia

  10. smiles…thanks for visiting my interview over at dverse….first, great job on your 2 years sober…that is awesome….and time is relative…now can def be the best time of our lives if we want…i think we lose some of that self conciousness in our maturity that allows us to appreciate the time a bit more….here is to hoping this year is the best, until next year that is…smiles

  11. The title was awesome! Reading it as the last sentence was a pleasant surprise (but maybe your other readers saw it from a mile away).

  12. Good advice, Julia. I like your hair in that pic. Looks a lot like mine did then! Never thought I’d see the day my hair wasn’t so thick. It must have taken my eyebrows when it left, too. 🙂 I’m running out of 50s, so I’d better get busy! You’re right, time is ticking by fast.

    • Thanks for the grin, Patti! You are so funny! Yeah, you had helmet head too, ‘eh? ha ha! My hair is still sickening thick, but it’s thin around the front hairline….where there’s no where to hide it! lol Thank you so much for reading and leaving me a lovely note and the gift of a smile! Take good care. xoJulia

  13. Julia, this is a great post. And like pattisj says, great hair! Beauty comes from the inside, so beautiful people will stay beautiful even if they lose their hair and teeth. It is a great thing to make sure you live before you die and it doesn’t matter at what age we start living, as long as we do it at some point. We tend to get lost along the way, we tend to get tangled in all kind of useless emotions and feelings but it is all part of the process. I believe we need the bad times to appreciate more the good times.

    • Ana, you are so right! And well said, my friend! I guess I’m surprised to discover that it’s never too late to start living! And I agree, it is all part of the process, but sheesh, I’m ready for a new process! ha ha! Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to share your thoughts. It really brightens my day! xoJulia

  14. Oh how I couldn’t agree more!

  15. I remember finding my first “fine line” the day I turned thirty . . . a few years ago. But ironing out a line isn’t nearly as important as prioritizing your life. You’re so right; we should straighten that out first!

    • At this age, Trac, for me, fighting gravity and weight gain seem less important . . . and making a statement and making a difference seem much more important than ever. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a lovely note! Take good care! xoJulia

  16. Another great post. Hahaha, I love the balloon analogy and I love how you completely expose yourself on the page. Beautiful.

    • Thank you so much, Cheryl! I’m so glad you “get” my sense of humor! LOL! And thanks for stopping by and leaving a note that made me smile. Take care, my new friend. xoJulia

  17. Love this post! So inspiring 🙂 Thanks for it. Life does go by so quickly. Why do we spend so much time on silly things or silly thoughts that dont matter?

  18. Amazing, Julia!

  19. This is so true! Every drivers license picture couldn’t be worse, and then four years later you see the new one, and wonder what you were complaining about! This is a wonderful post, wise and true and an important reminder.

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