This is my 2013 Kindness Jar. mixed nuts

Each day I will write a note about a kindness, a good thought, or an inspiration and I will put it in this jar.

At the end of the year I will read all 365 notes and see how I have done. At the very least, for a moment or two each day, I will focus on something positive long enough to write it down.

And that is a good thing.

I found this container at my Grandpa’s house after he passed away several years ago. I use it for post-it note-ideas, but will empty it to make room for all of the upcoming daily bits of happiness.

Notice the jar’s label. Appropriately named. Just for me. Ha ha. You gotta love it.

mixed nuts upclose

2013 is going to be a great year.

And this nut wants to ensure that she takes a moment out of every single day to notice and appreciate the good things.

So here goes . . .

And Happy New Year, my friends! Thank you for your laughter, inspiration, support, and comfort. You mean the world to me. Please be safe and be well.

Until next year . . .

(p.s.  This is not my original idea. I saw this idea of a jar online, tweeked it, made it mine, and ran with it!)

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27 thoughts on “MY KINDNESS JAR

  1. Le Clown

    Happy New Year my friend!!
    Le Clown

    • Thank you, my most dearest twisted one. I adore you and count you truly as a blessing! You keep my spirit light and my old self a bit more edgy. Thank you for that. Rock on, Le Clown! xoxoJulia

  2. Reblogged this on bookofshadowsandblessings and commented:
    I love this!

  3. Happy New Year to you! I love the kindness jar! I think I need to make a self-love jar. And write down what I love about myself. The jar would be appropriately named ‘Sweet and Sour’. Hahahah.. 😀

    • Pink, that’s such a cute idea! But you don’t need to dwell on what you don’t like about yourself……maybe just make it a “What I like about myself” jar…..and then put something in it every single day! I can help you. Here, let me start you out……”I LOVE Pink’s tender creativity and her gentleness with other people.” There you go, girlfriend. Happy New Year, Pink. Love and blessings to you always! xoJulia

  4. What a glorious idea!! Happiest of New Years to you, Julia. Though I’ve only been following your blog for a short time, it’s been a great journey down the road of your life.

  5. That is going to be one wonderful, end-of-the-year reading! Happy New Year, Julia.

  6. We have a jar too, but it’s called a “Swear Jar” – you put in money if you say a “No-No” word, then we put the money in our son’s bank account. I like the Kindness Jar idea better though. 😉

    Hope you have a wonderful New Year, Julia! 😀 xoxo

  7. Julia this is so cool! A Facebook friend of mine posted something similiar to this the other day and I loved it! I need to make a jar or box and do it. We have a mental gratitude list going on all the time but it sounds like a great tradition to start for New Years having actual written messages!

    • Yes! I think that the act of actually taking a moment to write it down is what makes the difference. Also I’m looking forward to reviewing all the notes at year’s end. Happy New Year, my dear friend. xoJulia

      • Happy New Year Julia! This morning I labeled a huge crystal vase I never use as the 2013 Gratitude jar with a pen and scrap paper (all the stuff to shred after cleaning out the file cabinet) next to it….there is already a note for today in it 🙂 A group I am part of on FB really liked this idea too! (Women Talking About Change). Hugs!

      • Happy New Year to you also, my dear friend! Yes, I also have put my first note in my Kindness Jar today! It’s the first day of the year and I’ve already had my first blessing! Remarkable! Love to you and your entire gang of lovely Women Warriors! xoxoJulia

  8. I read that, too, about a jar of good thoughts for the year. How great that you’ve got a jar ready to go. Your label reminds me of a tin of mixed nuts I got for my brother last year and taped a picture of hubby and me on it. 🙂

  9. Julia ~ I love the kindness jar idea! And how special that the jar itself came from your Grandfather. It’s funny that you chose to focus on kindness this year, as I have decided that my phrase for the year is “Be Kind”. It’s the one thing I know I can do to make an impact. Just think what the world would be like if we all practiced a little bit of kindness each day… Thanks for this!!!

    • I know what you mean…..if we all just gave a tiny bit of kindness to someone else each and every day, the world would be a more beautiful and loving place! Thanks for reading, Lis. It means the world to me. xoxoJulia

  10. I love this idea! How positive to start out the new year!

    • Thanks, Susan! I’ve had something wonderful or interesting or humorous to add to the jar every single day so far! Also, thank you so much for reading my blog! It’s so nice to meet you! xoJulia

  11. Welcome to WWWW, Julia. This is a jarringly good idea 🙂 You’ll have one huge amazing blog post at the end of the year, a book even! Toni

    • Thanks, Toni. I keep the jar right on the kitchen counter, next to my instant coffee…so I can’t miss it. I even have a post-it note on the counter reminding me to write a post-it note for the jar! Ha ha. That’s pretty bad! Ha ha. I haven’t missed a day yet. 23 days and counting! Thanks for reading, my friend. It’s so nice to meet you. xoJulia

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