We contemplate but do not understand elgin upclose

We try to control but settle for measuring

Like day into night

Summer into winter

Life into death


When joyfulness visits

we cling desperately

trying to preserve it

and hold it still

but it takes flight

and vanishes into happiness


And when the sadness comes

as it will in life

as it should

it stands forever frozen

full of emptiness and sorrow



The twisted tragedy

is that we fight to hold on

and struggle to let go


It teases and tortures


Years have passed since I lost you

Or was that just a breath ago?

I close my eyes and live a lifetime

and then I blink . . . and you are gone


In this magnificent remarkable life

there is sweetness in the rain

and comfort in a quiet winter morning


There is wondrousness

in birth, growth, change


And there is healing

in the laughter of friends


And there is love


These things cannot be frozen

but they can be captured and embraced

and treasured



The bitter sweetness in the grieving

is that the greatness of our pain

is the measurement of our love


It is a blessed and glorious grieving

sunrise for blog

There is no time . . . there are only precious moments.

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23 thoughts on “THERE IS NO TIME

  1. Annette fay

    Beautifully written, heart felt. I felt you wrote this for me.

    • Oh, Annette, I’m so sorry for your loss. Your words are truly touching for me. If you felt that this was written for you, then it was, my friend. Thank you for reading it. And thank you for leaving your heartfelt words. I wish you peace….and many many blessings. xoJulia

  2. Beautiful…touching…loving…precious

  3. Your words and the emotion behind them are beautiful, Julia.

  4. It is very moving Julia. I can’t help but think of my Mom.

  5. Oh – that was so beautiful. I’m trying not to cry. 😉

  6. Time, the most precious of gifts. May it bring you peace. Blessings ~ Maxi

  7. Beautiful, heartbreaking. “bitter sweetness in grieving” – such truth to this. Thank you.

  8. Absolutely inspiring and resonates with the stages I’m experiencing in my life as well. Thank you ever so much. The Grief Recovery Handbook by John W. James and Russell Friedman are accompanying me along this journey with a grief recovery support group. It is based originally in California. Hugsss

    • I’m so sorry that you are suffering a loss, Pink. But I’m so very pleased to hear that you are seeking the comfort and assistance that you need. Thank you so much for reading, my dear friend. And please know that I am just a moment away should you ever need to talk. Although we all grieve differently and at our own pace, I understand about grief. Blessings to you, my dear Pink. xoxoJulia

      • Thank you soo much 😀 Your words are the greatest comfort, giving me the courage to finally seek support in the outter world too. Thank you…. 😀

  9. I adore you, my dearest favorite-ist Pink! xoxoJulia

  10. jaynepevans

    Absolutely beautiful!!! So very touching! I don’t usually read much poetry, but this was a real blessing!

  11. I never seem to have enough time…

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