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My Pomeranian, Baxter, likes hanging outside on our small fenced-in patio. Today, when I go to the door to let him in, he is carrying a piece of unopened mail. It looks like an invitation.

baxter w mail

And it is addressed to my neighbor.

The one who called the Police on me for parking too close to his car.

It was a couple of years ago. I was in my apartment and heard a commotion and walked outside to find the Police and my neighbor and his wife standing next to my car.

And yes. I was guilty. I had gotten home unusually late the night before and had carelessly pulled right up tight to him; almost touching my bumper to his bumper. There was hardly air between us.

But sheesh, he didn’t have to call the cops on me. Of all the shady things I’ve done in my life, this is when I see the cops? Too much.

I walked up and looked at the bumpers up close. They were not touching.

I looked over at the cop, who was still in his car, and threw my hands up in disbelief.

“Really?” I said, flabbergasted, “this is all a lot of nonsense!”

The cops shrugged, I advised the man to take a breath, gave his wife my sympathies, and walked back into my apartment.

There is just no such thing as communication anymore. Technology has created new ways to talk and it seems that actual face-to-face conversation has gone right out the window.

What a shame.

So today, Baxter delivers this unopened mail to me. I don’t know how it ever got over my fence and into my yard because my neighbor and I have several feet of lawn between our buildings. And I am not even sure if it is his.

But I have a feeling.

So I write a post-it note explaining how his mail was delivered to me by my dog, Baxter, and after confirming his address, I walk over to his building and put it in his mailbox. Maybe it will make him grin.

I walk away feeling a little pleased with myself.

Why be so nice to someone who was obviously wrapped a bit too tightly?

Oh, what the hell. I’ll show him how it’s done.

Neighbors. . . Kindness. . . Nice and simple. It’s an old-fashioned concept.

And I’m helping it make a comeback.  🙂

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We don our gardening boots and floppy hat

and brave the sweaty burning sun.


With aching knees and blackened hands

we love the dirt

that nourishes all our promises.


From the coldest winds

and driest heat

we protect our unborn bulbs

with acceptance

and a smile.


And long before she bursts open

and into glorious song

already we are in love

with the dream.


In a garden . . . as in life

our toiling makes no guarantee

of fairness or reward


but we do it anyway . . . on faith.


And sometimes . . . we are allowed

to glimpse

the gloriousness of a precious petal

only to have it


quickly fall away.


That is when

we must close our eyes

to see the flower.

LEAF TEARS upclose

Dedicated to all Mothers suffering the loss of a child.

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. . . ALWAYS BE RIGHT. Sometimes being kind is more important.

. . . ALWAYS DO MY BEST. Sometimes less than that is okay too.

. . . ALWAYS GIVE MY OPINION. Sometimes it’s not needed/wanted.

. . . TALK SO MUCH. Sometimes listening is more important.

. . . BE AN ADDICT in order to cope with life.

. . . CRITICIZE OR DIMINISH OTHERS to feel good about myself.

. . . STEAL YOUR THUNDER. I will always let you shine.

. . . ONE UP YOU. Our friendship is not a competition.

. . . BE IN A RELATIONSHIP to feel complete. I complete me.

. . . JUDGE OTHERS. I will tend to my own garden.


. . . BE A SIZE 6 to feel good about myself.

. . . UNDERSTAND ART to love it.

. . . AGREE WITH YOU to respect you.

. . . ACCEPT ABUSE FROM ANYONE. You do NOT have my permission.

. . . PROVE MY POWER. Having it is good enough.

. . . BE VALIDATED by anyone.

. . . BE EMBARRASSED. It’s good to laugh at myself.

. . . HAVE A DESTINATION. Sometimes the joy is in the journey.

. . . UNDERSTAND YOU to love you.

. . . LAUGH AT YOUR EXPENSE. Although I love to laugh at mine.


. . . LET BIPOLAR DISORDER DEFINE ME. I am so much more.

. . . LET GRIEF DESTROY ME. I embrace the love and the pain.

. . . ALWAYS BE STRONG. I can ask for help.

. . . BE LIKE YOU. Being me is just fine.

. . . CLOSE MY EYES to see your face.

. . . LIE. I am brave enough to be honest and gentle.

. . . HAVE A LOT OF FRIENDS. The ones I have love me well.

. . . BE GRACEFUL to be a lady.

. . . TALK SO MUCH. It bears repeating.

. . . EAT A SHIT SANDWICH to know I wouldn’t like one.

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