We don our gardening boots and floppy hat

and brave the sweaty burning sun.


With aching knees and blackened hands

we love the dirt

that nourishes all our promises.


From the coldest winds

and driest heat

we protect our unborn bulbs

with acceptance

and a smile.


And long before she bursts open

and into glorious song

already we are in love

with the dream.


In a garden . . . as in life

our toiling makes no guarantee

of fairness or reward


but we do it anyway . . . on faith.


And sometimes . . . we are allowed

to glimpse

the gloriousness of a precious petal

only to have it


quickly fall away.


That is when

we must close our eyes

to see the flower.

LEAF TEARS upclose

Dedicated to all Mothers suffering the loss of a child.

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33 thoughts on “IN A GARDEN . . . AS IN LIFE

  1. May the garden of your heart be filled with love my friend!

  2. Lynn

    How beautiful and heartfelt. I thought of my mom for she loved to garden, she would always carefully choose her flowers and arrange them so they complimented each other. Thank you, Julia! xoxo

    • She sounds like a wonderful woman, Lynn. I wish I could’ve met her. I can only imagine how much you must miss her. But I also can imagine how proud of you she must be. Thank you for all of your love and support. xoJulia

  3. This is so beautiful and sad… Well done, Julia.

  4. Addie

    Good thoughts sent your way. (hugs)

  5. Sheila

    Beautifully written as only someone who has lived it can write. You are quite tallented and I am so glad you share your wonderful insight and heart. Thank you.

  6. Sally

    I love the leaf. good grief. S

  7. Well, said and so painfully true. I lost my Mother 4 years ago, and cannot imagine the pain of loosing a child. Sending out a big hug to all Mom’s who have lost a child this Mother’s day.

    • I’m so sorry for the loss of your Mother…..4 years is hardly enough time to catch your breath. I imagine that this holiday is difficult for you….and for that I am sorry. Thank you so much for reading my blog and sharing your kind words (and a hug!). Blessings to you, my new friend. xoxoJulia

  8. Pat Bales

    Beautiful Julia. I love your writing. It’s like you just pluck out your soul and drop it on the page. That’s real talent lady.

    • And you are a doll, Patty! Thank you so so so much! I love that…”pluck out your soul and drop it on the page”….that has to be one of the most wonderful compliments I’ve ever received. Thank you also for always reading my stuff….and leaving a note that makes me smile. You take good care of your precious self, my friend. xoJulia

  9. Victoria Sanchez

    Thank you Aunt Julia. For the loss of my daughter this fits so perfectly!!

    • Oh my goodness . . . I am so sorry for your loss. I am honored that you have read this piece. Thank you. Please take good care of yourself. xoJulia

  10. Really beautifully allegorical! We are the bulbs of promise!,hope to catch up soon

  11. Really beautifully allegorical! We are the bulbs of promise!,…thank you for a hopeful vision…hope to catch up soon..

  12. Julia, this leaves me speechless. I think there were so many who could not bear Mother’s Day this year, whether because of the loss of their mother or their child. I know I am so very fortunate to have lost neither. I am reminded to treasure my blessings. xoxo

    • Thank you, Kim. I know that are wise enough to count your blessings daily. Whether it’s our mother or our child, I try to honor them by living well. I try. Thank you for all of your understanding and support. And most of all, for your friendship. It means so much to me. xoxoJulia

  13. Love, thank you for sharing….

  14. You are a warm, light, glow of light in my life as well, Pink! Take good care, my precious friend! xoJulia

  15. I just re-read this piece. Beautiful, my friend. ❤

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