My Pomeranian, Baxter, likes hanging outside on our small fenced-in patio. Today, when I go to the door to let him in, he is carrying a piece of unopened mail. It looks like an invitation.

baxter w mail

And it is addressed to my neighbor.

The one who called the Police on me for parking too close to his car.

It was a couple of years ago. I was in my apartment and heard a commotion and walked outside to find the Police and my neighbor and his wife standing next to my car.

And yes. I was guilty. I had gotten home unusually late the night before and had carelessly pulled right up tight to him; almost touching my bumper to his bumper. There was hardly air between us.

But sheesh, he didn’t have to call the cops on me. Of all the shady things I’ve done in my life, this is when I see the cops? Too much.

I walked up and looked at the bumpers up close. They were not touching.

I looked over at the cop, who was still in his car, and threw my hands up in disbelief.

“Really?” I said, flabbergasted, “this is all a lot of nonsense!”

The cops shrugged, I advised the man to take a breath, gave his wife my sympathies, and walked back into my apartment.

There is just no such thing as communication anymore. Technology has created new ways to talk and it seems that actual face-to-face conversation has gone right out the window.

What a shame.

So today, Baxter delivers this unopened mail to me. I don’t know how it ever got over my fence and into my yard because my neighbor and I have several feet of lawn between our buildings. And I am not even sure if it is his.

But I have a feeling.

So I write a post-it note explaining how his mail was delivered to me by my dog, Baxter, and after confirming his address, I walk over to his building and put it in his mailbox. Maybe it will make him grin.

I walk away feeling a little pleased with myself.

Why be so nice to someone who was obviously wrapped a bit too tightly?

Oh, what the hell. I’ll show him how it’s done.

Neighbors. . . Kindness. . . Nice and simple. It’s an old-fashioned concept.

And I’m helping it make a comeback.  🙂

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26 thoughts on “IT DOESN’T HURT & IT’S FREE

  1. I love it! Thanks for the grins!

  2. Nice story, small things can have a positiv impact to our daily life which we should always remember.

  3. Awesome Julia! Love it. “Show him how it’s done.” 🙂 Perfect.

  4. Kindness……after all, it is all that really matters in the end. xoxo

  5. Lynn Gardner

    Baxter has the right attitude which he learned from his mama 😉 Deliver mail to the neighbors so all can make peace ( I would insert peace sign here if I new how)

  6. And Baxter the dog was the messenger. I love it! Great story Julia.

  7. Such a good story! Great job making peace. It reminds me of a song that we used to sing in church, Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. Let there be peace on earth, the peace that was meant to be. With God as our father, brothers all are we, Let me walk with my brother, in perfect harmony.

    • Thank you, Kim. It’s funny, cuz I was thinking of ending this piece with something like, “it has to start with someone”…..but I couldn’t make it fit or say it in a way I wanted to. Thank you so much for sharing those words. And for always reading mine. xoJulia

  8. Cute pup! This is a nice ways to “break the ice”, so to speak. You may have started something that is good. And good for you taking the upper road, so many would just say to heck with it and carry on the same way the neighbor had to begin with.

    • It’s a small thing, but sometimes things can change with just the smallest of gestures. And at the very least, I chose to change my behavior and attitude towards him. I can’t control what he does, but I can control the way I respond to him and treat him. Thanks so much for reading, Claudia! xoJulia

  9. Annette l Vargo

    Ok it was a very nice thing to do – don’t think I would have put it in his mail box. I think I would have let Baxter eat it just a little more after I found out it was my very nice neighbor! But thats just me and that is what makes you a special person Julia!

    • Ha ha….believe me, Annette, it crossed my mind! lol Thanks so much for reading and leaving me your note. It means the world to me! Hope you are feeling better, girlfriend! xoJulia

  10. I thought Baxter was getting fan mail. 🙂 You go girl, set a good example.

    • Awww…..thank you so much! I didn’t mean to toot my own horn, I just wanted to show folks how easy it is to take the first step. To be a different way. Even if the other person doesn’t change, I like that I did. Take good care. xoJulia

  11. “Kill them with kindness” is a nice rule to live by. 😉

  12. Good for you for doing the right thing. 🙂

  13. Hilarious! First, the Po Po, now your Pomeranian! Hahaha.. LOVE pomeranians! My best friend growing up had one, Brandy, loved!

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