I don’t remember what led me to River’s Edge Gallery that night, but there I was standing before three brightly lit floors packed with people excited about art. I turned to my friend, “Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore!”

It was “The Homage Show”, and my first opening reception at an art gallery.

It was also the night I met Patt Slack, the gallery’s owner.

And the night that I began my personal journey of self-discovery through art and photography. I didn’t even realize I was in need of or in search of anything, although, as Patt peered over the rim of her glasses and smiled at me, I suspect that she did.

The next day, I created my first little painting in homage to the show and humbly gifted it to her.july 4 my homage

She accepted it graciously and appreciatively . . . and without laughing out loud.

Since then, I’ve blogged about Wyandotte’s galleries and their incredible artists, but I never considered myself one of them. Now here it is just a few years later, and instead of writing about this show, I have two photographs entered in it.

I have come full circle.

Today I am thinking about Patt Slack and that first night of art, and I’m in awe of the magical new world she opened up to me. And I’m remembering something she said seriously and adamantly that I thought a bit odd at the time; about the difference between being “creative” and being “an artist”; the distinction being that the former creates and enjoys, while the latter does the incredible grueling work of art. I understand now, Patt. I just want you to know. I sure do.

Last week I celebrated a friend’s show by wearing my shiny red patent-leather shoes for the first time; the ones that I purchased shortly after that night, and keep on my dresser as I reminder of my inner girly-girl, and I immediately learned two things: although I love these dreamy red shoes, they are NOT conducive to comfortable walking or to good photography.

The kicker?

Tonight I will attend MY first-ever Photography show still limping from their wear, as I stand before my entry . . . where I, um . . . kind of . . . honor them.


You just gotta love ironing.

I mean irony!

You just gotta love irony!


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17 thoughts on “A LITTLE WRINKLE

  1. Not only is your photography doing you proud, but so is your writing. You go, girl ! 🙂

  2. Rob Pratt

    love it….so glad to read your musings again.

  3. jeff heck

    EXCELLENT! So proud of you, Jules:)

  4. Lynn

    A sense of humor and talented! Way to go Julia, this will be the first of many shows featuring your special artistic point of view!

    • Thank you, Lynn, my friend. I could not have done this without your help. Your creative eye and expertise at highlighting my humble photographs made all the difference. Thank you. xoxojulia

  5. Love and hugs!!!

  6. So proud of you too, Julia! Life is not just a box of chocolates; it’s a continuous path of self discovery!

    • It certainly is, Caryn. And thank you for reading my blog, always supporting me and encouraging me, and for helping me to believe in myself. You don’t know the gift that you are. But I’ll remind you from time to time. lol. xoxoxojulia

  7. The picture of your red shoes in snow could become the bookcover for one of Andersen’s Fairy Tales like the ” Snow Queen” or the “Red Shoes”….beeing able to give up one’s red shoe – that is one’s pride or vanity – tends to lead to good things for Andersen’s characters! Which means you can expect now a lot of good things, dear Julia, you deserve it!

    • Thank you so so much, spinnler, for not only reading my blog and supporting me, but for your beautiful words and thoughts…..they are my most treasured award. And I love your analysis! xoxoxojulia

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