I have bipolar disorder, and if you are like me and suffer with a mental or physical condition that wreaks havoc on the inside without showing on the outside, then you know that its invisibility ca…


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  1. Thank you for this incredible insight that I needed to understand better what one goes through. It’s such a great reminder that human suffering us not always visible and is valid. It also makes me realize not to take things so personally at times when I am dealing with people and issues…and that I’m not the only one who hides behind my camera and sits on the couch for days at a time.. 🙂

    • I’ve been isolating for quite some time now, with little writing and few photographs. Just trying to ride out this bad patch. You are a wonderful person and your friend is truly blessed to have you in her life. Thanks so much for today’s visit! Be well, my friend. Xoxojulia

      • I have definitely been mirroring the same! Even writing and photographing seems like a great feat of strength! It takes great effort so even the intention to do so counts! Sometimes we need time to recuperate from the realness of the world, it can definitely be a stimulating place. My latest shows I’m addicted to are Say Yes to the Dress, 90 Day fiance and Ellen…haha….very random…my anthropology professor once said that despite the opportunities to connect, we are feeling more isolated and watch reality on TV..kinda ironic….

      • Say yes to the Dress, 90 day Fiance, ALL the Real Housewives, Love and Hiphop Atlanta, oh and have you seen Famously Single??? I knew you and I were soulsisters! Lol. Love to you Pink! You’re beautiful and sensitive and AMAZING!

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