As an actor, I had to pretend, imitate, hide, steal, keep secrets, and even transcend. I created believable characters and delivered Oscar-worthy performances. Ooops, wait a minute . . . did I say,…


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3 thoughts on “REMAINS OF THE DAY

  1. This is an incredibly powerful piece and although I might be reading or possibly commenting on this again, it’s still just as impactful. Your honesty with yourself is refreshing for us to be honest with ourselves. It’s brave and inspiring, and so real how life can hit us hard. I am so incredibly proud of you pursuing this journey of realness, with this new set of armour, that is definitely more iron clad than before. My dearest friend also suffers from bipolar disorder and your insight helps me to understand her a bit better too as she has been a bit MIA again in communication. Biggest hugs to you and thank you for reminding me of why we write 🙂

    • Oh Pink, thank you so much. Your words are truly a gift. I feel so connected to you, since our first exchange of words. From my heart to yours, girl. 💜

      • Awwwwwww!!! I’m delighted by our connection for all these years! Especially being so isolated in this new town I’m in, it’s wonderful to connect my real self again! Your writing is refreshing and needed in this world! We must get our thoughts out! Much love to you too Super Woman!

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