Hi Friends!

I just turned 55 years old and had a fabulous party at Kensington Metropolitan Park in Milford, Michigan with my human bestie, Pat Petroline, and many of my wildlife and barnyard friends. I enjoyed the photographs so much that I compiled them into a video slideshow featuring all the images from the day, set to the song, “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.

I just love it and I hope you do too.

All my best to you, friends.

Sweet dreams.


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Baxter Turns TWO!

Today is Baxter’s 2nd birthday and he’s a very happy boy.

First, we went for a drive.


Then he opened his Birthday cards.


For his special activity he’s chosen a themed movie marathon on television . . .


. . . obviously, Sci-Fi.

bax w foil hatbday

It’s hard to believe I’ve had him for only two years……feels like a hundred! haha.

Here is the blog I wrote after first bringing him home. He was 6 weeks old and weighed 1.5 pounds.

Happy birthday, Bax! Momma loves you!

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Something is brewing around here and I suspect that it is related to my upcoming birthday.

When I enter the room I catch my homies, Allie and Baxter, whispering.


“What are you two up to?” I ask.

They suddenly sit up, go silent, and put on their best striving-to-look-innocent faces.


“Who . . . us? They answer.

Remembering last year’s birthday celebration and the chaos that ensued, I push.

“You wouldn’t be hiding anything, would you, Miss Allie?” I ask.

She says nothing, but gets defensive and shoots me that impatient, intense look of hers.


But I know my homies. And several hours later my suspicions are confirmed and I am surprised with a birthday party.


There is food and  drink.


I receive cards, and flowers, and lots of kisses.


Then Allie sings. And boy, she really gets into it.


Then Baxter sings along with an Ecard. He’s a star! Click on the link below and watch him sing on YouTube!

We play lots of party games.


But quickly things get out of hand.


What happens in Vegas . . . ? ha ha ha.


The next morning we are quiet and lazy.


And for the most part, unscathed.

Well, kind of.

You know what they say:

“It’s all fun and games until someone ends up in a cone!”


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I think I’m turning into a bit of a Blog Attention Whore.

Good grief. I wonder if there is a support group for that.

In my quest to keep things interesting and fun, and in an effort to lighten up and step outside of my comfort zone, I’m finding myself doing some pretty unusual things.

Since I use my own pics in my blogs, I now carry a camera everywhere I go. Everything I see is a potential photograph, and every photograph, a story.

Much to my chagrin, and the chagrin of others, I’m discovering that there is nothing I won’t do for the sake of the blog. Well, almost nothing.

One night while partying with girlfriends, one of them said, “We’d better cool down or we’re going to end up in jail!”

My response? “Oh, that would be a great blog!”

Sheesh. I seriously may need help.

On Halloween, a holiday that I’ve never enjoyed, I made an attempt to funny-up and embrace the day. While driving about with my good friend, Patti Petroline, we passed a side-of-the-road pumpkin patch.

“We should buy a pumpkin, carve it out, put it on my head, and then snap some pics for my blog!” I screamed, as I pulled the car over and turned it around.

Patti, the forever spontaneous and always-game adventurer, and my self-appointed personal Smart Phone Photographer, was up for the challenge. What resulted was, “A Halloween Dream”,

Who would have guessed that this crabby, claustrophobic, hot-flashing, quirky old beotch would end up doing this?


We had a blast and laughed for hours. It was truly one of my finest moments.

That brings us to this past Friday night at River’s Edge Gallery in Wyandotte, for the opening reception of “Pure Genius”.

And it was.

Pure genius, that is.

That “River’s Edge Gallery Gang” just makes me all crazy. Crazy excited. And crazy inspired. But be warned, you’ve gotta watch these folks, because before you know it, you will be seeing, feeling, and experiencing all sorts of unexpected things. You’ll find yourself crying over things you don’t understand, falling in love with things that you can’t explain, and dreaming of things you can’t imagine.

Sometimes you might even see yourself up on the wall . . .  being displayed through someone else’s eyes . . . in their art.

It blows me away.

This show was outstanding. But it was different from others I’ve attended. Actually, there was one REALLY BIG difference.

And her name was Cinderella.


She is a beautiful Albino Burmese Python snake that is NINE FEET LONG and WEIGHS 45 POUNDS. She and her owner were given permission to attend the show, as an opportunity to educate those attendees who were willing to walk over to her table and meet her.

Not me. No sir. No thanks.

I’m not a snake person.

Are you kidding me?


When I found a mouse in my apartment, I called the Landlord, hysterical and from high atop a dining room chair. And afterwards, I sat in the same chair sweating, panting, and sobbing over my plight of husband-less-ness and my involuntary independence. I experienced it again when I discovered a large colony of gianormous slugs on my patio. And yes, I know they like beer. I supplied their slimy nasty-looking asses with a can of Budweiser one night. Sure, they drank it. And then they sludged away back home . . . all slow and buzzed up, while leaving a trail of ik.

But I digress.

So, there we stood, in awe, at Cinderella’s table. Patti stood much closer to it than I did. She’s the calm one. I am not. I would be the sweating, hyperventilating, twitching one.

At heart, I am an animal rights advocate. I don’t agree with wild animals being kept as pets or being hauled around from place to place for display, but honestly, I didn’t consider any of that.

She was beautiful. And I was mystified, captivated, and horrified, all at the same time. Her owner seemed to adore her and has been in the business of educating people with reptiles for many years. And I kind of agree with that.

So, in the spirit of stepping out of my comfort zone and pushing my limits, and being the Blog Attention Whore that I suspect myself to be, I said, “I should hold her and snap a picture for my blog!”

So I did.

I didn’t anticipate her weight or the feeling of her incredibly strong solid mass of muscle wrapped around my upper body.


It . . . freaked . . . me . . . out.


I don’t think I was even breathing.



In this photo, I was smiling through gritted teeth and begging Patti, “Did you get the pic? Did you get the pic?

3funny mouth


As soon as she said yes, I panicked inside and had to get the snake off of me . . . like, right now.



It looks like I’m pretty upset, but I was just in a hurry.


As soon as I got away from her, my adrenaline soared, my heart pounded, my knees began to shake, and my hands visibly trembled. I kept saying, “I did it! I did it!”

And I must have looked every bit a wreck, because the owner kept saying, “You did great! You did great!”

He knew how frightened I was as I approached their table. Later he told me that I was really brave. He said doing something risky isn’t brave unless you’re afraid. I agreed.

Much later, Patti and I determined that the series of photographs was taken in approximately 20 SECONDS. That’s how long I lasted. 20 SECONDS.

Several hours and a half a Xanax later, we were looking at a couple of pretty amazing photographs that I deem frame-worthy.

Because I did it . . .


. . . even though I was afraid.


And it was a good thing.



SIDE NOTE: The next day I Googled our little Cinderella, and read this, “The Albino Burmese Python are readily available but grow up to be huge snakes. This is one of the snakes that needs a healthy dose of caution, so think twice (or more) before getting one as a pet. Although Burmese Pythons are generally quite docile, they are incredibly strong, and it just takes a single mistake in handling them, to have disastrous results.”




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My treadmill, a Horizon T-91, wasn’t a dust-collector, a newspaper rack, or even a clothesline. Nope. It was a quiet and complete machine that I actually used on a pretty regular basis. Although I was worried about removing this efficient source of exercise from my home, I did. I sold the treadmill and bought a puppy; a wonderful new addition to my family that has nothing to do with fitness.

Or so I thought.

Meet THE BAXTER 218.

A seriously intense powerhouse of a workout machine disguised as an adorable little puppy who will melt your heart. Yeah, he reeled me in too, with that precious innocent little mug.

But don’t be fooled.

He is a fitness and exercise phenomenon who will tilt his sweet tiny head, smile at you, and then kick your butt right into next week.

There are some unpredictable differences between my treadmill and THE BAXTER 218, (born  2/18/12). I don’t run ON this machine, I run FROM it, I run TO it, and I run AFTER it. Yes, it does keep me running. Constantly. It comes equipped with some standard features too, such as incline and speed controls. But unlike my treadmill, it easily transforms into a stair master and has built-in ankle weights that provide both leg and butt lifts simultaneously.


This compact unit requires no electricity and has an automatic recharging system.

THE BAXTER 218 accommodates close living quarters and provides for convenient storage almost anywhere. It slides beneath a bed . . . or even under a coffee table. Unlike a treadmill, occasionally you may have to actually go and look for the unit.


This little machine does have a few quirks, however, so I’m contacting the manufacturer for some troubleshooting tips.

It has an alarm system that sets a workout schedule FOR you. It will squeak when your workout should begin; but if you ignore its recommendation for exercise? Let me just warn you, alarms will sound that will make your ears bleed! It also has “startup randomness” issues that are throwing me off balance. It powers-up, accelerates for short bursts, and then suddenly stops for no apparent reason. And lastly, it frequently malfunctions and begins leaking . . . something.

My treadmill did a lot of positive things for me: It helped me reach my weight loss goals, energized me, provided an efficient workout, and even gave me confidence. It truly transformed my body.

But it didn’t transform my life.

It never made me laugh or cuddled with me in bed. And it never licked the sweat off my face after a workout.

THE BAXTER 218. It’s a hardcore little unit that is for serious users only. It’s good for your body and GREAT for your heart.

Buy one today at a retailer near you.

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