I just returned from my first visit to New York City. It was wonderful and brief and I fell in love and somehow, I managed to miss out on every single art gallery and museum. Sheesh.

Why, you ask me? What happened?

I will now confirm the airheaded-ness that most of you have always suspected I possess, by telling you the truth. I forgot. I forgot all about the museums I have waited most of my life to see, because she seduced me.

New York City seduced me. And I loved every single crazy, magical moment of it.

How did she do it? With lights and colors and flashing billboards and music and vibrant electric people-energy! Here, let me give you a small glimpse.

I thought my seizures would have kicked in with all these colorful, flashing lights, but they didn’t. I only had one seizure, and that was during a performance of the Lion King. I hardly noticed though; I was having a panic attack because I was stuck in the middle of a row, and with all my sweating and deep breathing, it came and went unnoticed by anyone but me. What a case.

But a show unlike anything I have ever seen! The sets, costumes, music, and performances were off the charts! It transformed me to Africa!

And the biggest surprise? The City of New York herself is the most unique and stunning display of art I have ever seen!

I forgot all about galleries and museums because everywhere I looked I saw amazing things.

It started with the view from my room.

And the people on the streets. AS art. And making music.



NYC is the fashion capital of the world because even her buildings are the best dressed anywhere!



Even Mother Nature gets in on the act.


Sometimes her buildings are clad only in red, white, and blue.



Rockefeller Center.


I never imagined buildings as being beautiful. Until now. These unadorned and magnificent buildings decorate the skies.




Reflections of buildings.

Reflections of a child. (Do you see me?)

I even made a few creative new friends!

(Yikes! It looks as if I’m being groped! Lol).

But NYC is not limited to artful people and buildings. No, there are also plenty of wonderful sculptures!





And the message is everywhere.

We must not forget to . . .

Checkout time is 12:00 noon.

Gosh, I love this city. Until next time, New York . . .

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Our journey shared flew quickly by

yet is frozen still in time

Our journey shared was here and gone

but is forever yours and mine.


This love I know is new to me

and is for things I had not dreamed

This love I know for everything

was waiting to be freed.


A place can change a person

and I became a part

I will carry you inside me

and I will wear you in my heart.

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Memorial Day is difficult to write about. It encompasses so many things that I just can’t seem to narrow it down.

I think about all of our soldiers and about how blessed we are to live in the United States of America. Save your politics for someone else, because these thoughts are about our country’s men and women. Our children. And about bravery, courage, risk, sacrifice, and honor.

So how do I even begin?

I begin by puting the top down on my convertible and going for a ride. The road always seems to take me right where I need to go.

Today was no exception.

I turn off the radio and drive in the quiet. My thoughts turn to my brother, Steve, the youngest of six children, who served eight years in the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne. I was so proud of him. I wish I had told him that more often. He passed away in 2006 at the age of 39.


My car takes me to Michigan Memorial Park/Cemetery, (MMP), on Huron River Drive, in Flat Rock. MMP has the most beautiful, sprawling, and peaceful grounds; they do justice to our loved ones who have passed. And oddly, I like it here.

Upon entering, I become tearful and overcome with emotion. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in myself, that I forget about life’s bigger picture.

I needed a smack of perspective right in the head.

And I got it . . . right in the heart.

A tribute to those who have served our country.


Because they are loved and missed.

I stop by the Christmas Box Angel Statue located within MMP to visit my son. I kiss his memory brick hello. Deep in thought, I hang my head and look down . . . to see a different kind of memory brick.

When it’s time to leave, I reluctantly get back into the car, and do what I do every time I come here; get lost trying to find my way out. Obviously, I’m driving in circles, because I keep passing the same garden signs. Finally, I start to see THE SIGNS as A SIGN.


Maybe one thing leads to the other?

On my way home I stop at a very patriotic house in New Boston where there is a yard sale. I meet an amazing lady and a kind soul who is also a school teacher, and, I suspect, a new friend.


Meet the very sweet and gracious, Susan Johnson. She’s lived in this house for 34 years and comes from a long and proud heritage of honorable war veterans.

We chat, laugh about silly things, instantly bond, and talk about Memorial Day. She is delightful and really brightens my day. I purchase a few wonderful items from her and ask her to snap a picture of me in my car.

Me, enjoying one of my life’s greatest freedoms. Peace baby.

But I can’t get this image out of my mind. Because this is what the day is all about. Sacrifice. Not only by our soldiers, but by their family’s as well. The greatest that any of us can give. In service to our Country. And in service to others.

This is what our soldiers fight for. These are their GIFTS to us; all of the simple pleasures that fill our lives and our hearts with joy. We are the reason they fight.


For us. And for our American way of life. And all the things we have and all the things we do each day without giving it a thought; because we are just so used to doing them and just so used to having them.

And that is how we should celebrate our fallen soldiers – by loving and sharing with friends and family. And by living well.

But not so well that we forget . . .

Today is Memorial Day; a day for honoring our veterans. But one day isn’t enough. Not nearly. Not by a long shot.

Did you know this?

Is this how we honor them?


Please respect them now by reading below (Facts taken from the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans):

“One out of every 4 homeless men (or 25%) in the United States is a Veteran. There are anywhere from 529,000 to 840,000 Veterans who are homeless at some time during the year.

  • 47% of homeless Veterans are from the Vietnam Era,
  • 15% are from the Pre-Vietnam Era and the remainder are from the Post-Vietnam Era including such conflicts as Granada, Panama, Lebanon, the Gulf War, the military’s anti-drug efforts in South America and the current Iraq War.
  • 67% served 3 years or more.
  • 89% received honorable discharges.
  • 76% experience alcohol, drug, or mental health problems.

The Veterans Administration (VA) has resources to serve only 1 out of every 10 homeless Veterans. Community-based, Non-Profit Organizations, such as “Helping Our Veterans (HOV)” agencies have proven to be the most effective means for assisting homeless and at-risk veterans.”

Let us not forget our veterans. Let us honor them. The right way. The way our heroes deserve.

The very least we can do is to provide them with food and shelter.

They fought for us. Isn’t time we fight for them?

Change can start with just one voice. Will it be yours?

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